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What we do

Optimization of secondary raw materials

Innovative material recycling

Economic growth and environmental protection


Who we are

Member of polish recycling association

Despite volatility of global geopolitics, and its high dependence on the increasingly unstable oil market, plastic trade has secured itself the status of an expansive and prospective business sector. Apart from reducing environmental damage, recycling waste also promotes competitiveness of private sector, which in turn translates into enhanced economic growth.

At the same time, however, the plastic sector has become incomparably more complex and demanding than a few decades ago. Our philosophy is to integrate both opportunities and challenges arising from recycling development, as well as provisions imposed by current EU legal framework into a unified system that would exploit both global and local trends to their full potential. This is to be obtained through, i.a.

- applying circular economy principles,
- diversification of supply,
- innovative technological solutions,
- experienced and reliable professionals.


SPDC International was established on the basis of over ten years’ experience in the field of both post-production and post-consumer plastic waste as well as reprocessed pellets and regrinds of LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS and engineering plastics.


establishing Kalman Plastic Sp. J.

Thanks to innovative and advanced solutions recognized during his MBA studies in the US, Kalman Plastic, where Dziak Czekan took a minority stake, contributed to the development of polimer sector field in Poland. In 2007-2014, Kalman Plastic introduced on the Polish market over 120 000 t of recyclates, rendering it a significant competition to virgin material and reaching turnover of over 200 mln PLN.


Entering into cooperation with Hans Andersson Plastics, as the exclusive distributor in Central and Eastern Europe

Hans Andersson Plastics is a Swedish production-trading company, a member of the capital group of Hans Andersson Holding. Established in 1947 in Gothenburg by the Andersson brothers, HA has quickly secured itself the status of a key participant in the European plastics market. The group associated several companies worldwide with an annual volume of 1 500 000 t of recycling materials, which rendered it an undisputed leader on a global scale.

With its international presence and strong portfolio, the company has developed a widespread bunch of contacts and associations as well as prestigious rewards and quality certificates (i.a. ISO 14001:2004 and 9001:2008).


establishing SPDC International Sp. z o.o.

Upon its establishment, SPDC became an exclusive distributor of Hans Andersson Plastics for the Eastern-Central Europe. Thanks to a widespread net of contact and a comprehensive portfolio, SPDC has quickly secured itself a status of of key participant on the Polish market.


Hans Anderson Plastic has been transfered to Veolia Nordic

Key figures

Simon P. Dziak-Czekan
Managing Director

Graduated Kent State University Business College; in plastics recycling since 2005. In 2015 was elected the head of Polish Recycling Association.

Joanna Szakiel
Board Member, Commercial Manager

Graduated Nicolaus Copernicus University. Member of the board and commercial director. She is responsible for diversification of supply, obtaining foreign markets as well as maintaining international trade networks. Constantly developing her professional competencies through continuing education and participation in trade project and conferences.

The offer

Our porfolio includes a wide range of products ranging from different kinds of waste products, by reycklaty the original granules, and our many years of experience backed by modern technology makes it possible to provide professional service and competitive prices.

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